Indesure is a leading agency in properly covering Rideshare drivers. Whether you drive your vehicle for business full-time or part-time, give us a call to compare proper insurance options.

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Rideshare Insurance:

We’ll explain all the possible solutions you have


Auto Insurance:

Get a custom quote for you and your car



We’ll teach you all the ways to protect you and your house.



We’ll help you decide what your business needs.

Insurance for Lyft and Uber Drivers

We have a dedicated team working toward resolving your insurance problems. With access to over ten insurance providers, there is not a problem we cannot solve. We have the knowledge and the expertise to pair our customers with top rated insurance companies that are part of the independent agent network. If you require auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, rideshare insurance or business insurance in Chicago, you can depend on us to fulfill your insurance requirements.

The Indesure Mission Statement

At Chicago Rideshare Insurance, our insurance services are supported by a promise of ensuring customer satisfaction. Each member of our staff shares our goal to put the customers’ needs and requirements before anything else.

Our Culture

We have ingrained a customer-centric philosophy into the core values of our company. Our customer-centric approach has allowed us come up with innovative solutions to address our customers’ ever-changing needs and demands for improved insurance services, which we strive and are committed to provide. We do not treat our customers as customers, but we treat them as family and our family deserves the best and topnotch insurance coverage.

Our Workflow

Contact us to speak to one of our insurance agents. We will schedule to meet with you at our location in Glen Ellyn, IL to discuss your options, pricing, and requirements.

Once we assess the type of insurance you require, we will list a couple of insurance companies that we directly deal with, provide you a quote from them, and leave it up to you to decide which insurance provider you want to select.

We will be there on call, waiting for you, in case you require any additions or changes to your insurance coverage overtime.

FAQ’s About Rideshare Insurance

What Kind of Clients Do You Work With?
We work with businesses, homeowners, vehicle owners, and rideshare drivers in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

What is Your Turnaround Time?
We take measures to decrease turnaround times and produce exceptional results. We will match you with an insurance provider in less than a week.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?
We offer an affiliate program to insurance providers, affiliated with the independent agent network, that require a medium to sell their services to prospective clients.


“Chicago Rideshare Insurance’s customer-friendly service helped me obtain rideshare insurance in Illinois. Since I don’t have a complete understanding of rideshare insurance and what it entails, I took a lot of their time, and they didn’t mind at all.” —Jerrod

“I became a parent last year. It was one of the proudest and scariest moments for me because it put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to protect my family. I knew I had to get life insurance, but finding a cheap option seemed impossible, until I came across Chicago Rideshare Insurance. They set me up with a life insurance within my means. I definitely recommend going to them.” — Fred

“I wrecked my car a few months back, but since I had received full insurance coverage from Chicago Rideshare Insurance, repairing it didn’t cost me anything. I am really happy with their service and I think everyone looking for auto insurance options should check them out, as they have a basket full of them.” — Samantha

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